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Invokana Dangers – What and Why You Should Know About It

The level of stress which is forever on the increase in the modern world is causing more and more people to become a victim of type two diabetes. This is one of the reasons why big companies that manufacture medicinal drugs are producing medicines that can help cure diabetes. The unfortunate part is that in trying to compete with each other, the companies are often compromising with their ethics for which innocent people are paying a big price.

With connection to this special reference can be made about the warning that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of The United States Of America issued against Invokana. The drug, which is used for the treatment of diabetes, may produce adverse side effects that may even require hospitalization.

Lawful issues resemble PC crashes, they will undoubtedly happen. But, it's simply a question of time. Not at all like PC crashes, can a few claims be stayed away from. Regularly, organizations proprietors manage lawful matters just when an emergency emerges. The emergency may even be related to Diabetes Drug Injury.

The extreme side effects of Invokana

The primary function of Invokana is to help in reducing the blood sugar content in the body. The Food and Drug administration of the USA has repeatedly warned that the drug can create a condition called ketoacidosis by producing an excessive amount of acids in the body. The warning signs of this condition are breathing problem, nausea, abdominal pain and fatigue.

The FDA makes an earnest request to everyone using Invokana who encounter any of these symptoms to report to their doctors immediately.

Till date the FDA has been informed about a total of twenty cases of ketoacidosis.  In majority of the cases it was two weeks after taking the drug that the symptoms started to appear. The FDA is continuing their investigation with regards to the safety issue of Invokana and will definitely provide necessary information about the drug to the common public. The Invokana lawsuit is a clear consequence of these extreme side effects of the drug.

The Invokana was a blockbuster for the Johnson and Johnson Company

The drug had received its formal approval in 2013. Since then it has been selling like hot cake in the market and has been able to bring in huge profit for the parent company. The Chief Executive Officer of Johnson and Johnson Company Caruso publicly declared that Invokana is getting good acceptance and has also managed to stay ahead of all its competitors.

This only goes to show the real character of the owners of big manufacturing companies who are interested only in making profit. It really does not bother them that their products are causing harm to innumerable innocent people. For more details visit: